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By registering I UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT the terms and conditions of participation in the event called TRAVESIA COLOMBIA BIKE TOURING described here, I accept the registration and participation conditions, I declare that I acknowledge that this event is a potentially dangerous activity and that mountain biking is a considered sport as an EXTREME and ADVENTURE sports discipline, and that for the practice of the same it is mandatory to adopt the minimum measures of security, protection, use of equipment and tools required by the organization of the event as communicated in the Open Call disclosed nationwide , via Internet Social Networks, conditions that, in addition, because they are known by those who practice this sport, the participants were communicated to us prior to the initiation of the event, likewise we were warned that due to the nature of this sport, The tours will be carried out on terrain with topographic difficulty and mo ntañosa and I take advantage of its participation regulations. I declare that I have freely and voluntarily decided to participate in the event, that I am in perfect physical and health conditions, as well as adequately trained and prepared to participate in it and that I am affiliated with the health regime provided by the EPS indicated below of my signature, in the case of being a foreigner, I will prove the medical insurance that assists me; I also declare that I know and have carefully read the regulation of the crossing.


I will accept any decision of the organization of the crossing about my participation and I understand that the registration to the crossing gives me the right to participate in the competition, under no circumstances in any event in which I can NOT participate in the crossing or claim the participation kit On the dates established by the organization, I will not be able to claim the participation kit or demand a refund of the registration fee.


I assume all the risks associated with my participation in this journey including without any limitation either injuries, falls, accidents, physical damages, mental damages, moral damages, general illnesses and even death, heart diseases, among other reasons or due to the contact with other participants, the weather conditions including temperature, rain and humidity, vehicular traffic, conditions of the route and in general all risks, which I declare known and valued by me, likewise, I declare that I know the route and the general information and particular of the crossing.


Having read this statement and knowing these facts and considering that I accept them by the fact of participating in the voyage, I, on my behalf and that of any person who acted on my behalf, successors, legatees or heirs RELEASE AND EXEMPT from any liability , claim, compensation, cost for damage, loss claimed loss of profits to the organizers of the COLOMBIA BIKE TOURING event, LOCAL AND MUNICIPAL HALLS, DEPARTMENTAL AND NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, work teams of active brands, allies, sponsors and their representatives and successors of all claim or liability of any kind, arising from my participation in this event even in circumstances of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, although this liability may arise through negligence or fault on the part of the persons mentioned in this statement, as well as any loss, robbery and / or theft that you may suffer. I also accept that the organizers reserve the right of admission, modification or cancellation of the event for any circumstance and therefore I accept that in no case will the registration value be returned, nor will I initiate any action for said return, since I RENUNCIATE from now on to that claim.


I authorize the organizers of the COLOMBIA BIKE TOURING EVENT and sponsors, to use the photography, films, videos, recordings and any other means of recording this event for any legitimate use without any financial compensation. Additionally, I freely and voluntarily authorize the treatment of any personal data that I provide in the development of the event by any means, as well as its incorporation into the organizers' database, whose purpose is to send information regarding the journey, sending promotions and advertising of the organizers by SMS to cell phones, e-mails to registered email accounts and telephone contact to the phone numbers provided at no cost to me. Likewise, I empower the organizers to send or transfer my data to any of the companies that control or act as their controllers or as controllers of them or that are under common control of any of them, in addition to their commercial and strategic allies, inside and outside the national territory, to carry out the uses here authorized. I understand and accept that for the day of the trip it is mandatory to wear a helmet.


I certify that I am of legal age and I attach my participation in the event to this Disclaimer and Assumption of Registration agreement. I sign this certificate, once it has been read and approved in all its content today () of (2019). * The registration of minors is not allowed.



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